Jierui CS carbon structure water-based runway or real water-based runway on the market

Date Time:2020-06-10

The water-based runway environmental protection material is an incomparable high-quality runway material on the market. The main characteristic of this water-based environmental protection runway material is its water-based system. At the same time, this runway material opens up another development path for on-site paving products. When laying water-based runway environmental protection materials, it only needs water as diluent, Therefore, the water-based runway environmental protection material is a tasteless, non-toxic, convenient construction, multi-color weather resistant and leads the mainstream direction of the runway.

   water based runway environmental protection material is a kind of healthy runway material, which uses water-based resin material as adhesive to bond environmental protection particle pavement. Due to the stable carbon structure of water-based resin, water-based runway itself also has strong anti ultraviolet aging excellent performance and color retention performance. In terms of environmental protection and professionalism, this runway material has better performance.

   due to the comfort, non-toxic and gorgeous color of water-based runway environmental protection materials, it provides children with a runway to let parents rest assured. First of all, the runway materials are high-end environmental protection aquatic products, which do not contain heavy metals, very low VOC, TDI, MDI, 18 kinds of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, short chain chlorinated paraffin, MOCA and other harmful substances. Then this water-based runway material has five main colors and five matching colors, a total of 10 different colors to choose from. Moreover, the material is not only multi-color and bright, but also has strong weather resistance and color retention. Secondly, the smell free and non-toxic characteristics of water-based runway environmental protection materials make it possible for students to study around during the construction period, and even during the construction, their normal work, study and life will not be affected at all; And it has very low VOC and no harmful additives, so it has no volatile harmful substances and no pungent smell. Finally, it is the maintenance of the water-based runway in the process of use, because its color retention and weather resistance effect is relatively high quality, and its surface is dry, not easy to produce static electricity and not sticky in the sun, so it can be easily and quickly taken care of by using clean water in the normal use process.

   to sum up, we should choose the runway materials with the above excellent characteristics when purchasing the water-based runway environmental protection materials.