Production base

JRace large-scale fully automated production base is located in the provincial high-tech park: Huaqiao Industrial Park, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, covers an area of 30,000 square meters, which is the leading High-tech fully automated production base in the industry. It is a large-scale fine chemical production base. Relying on the fully automated production line, it can achieve the daily production capacity of 36 sport court and 4 standard 400-meter running track materials. The annual output is up to 50,000 tons.

  • 30000㎡

    Covers an area of 30000SQM

  • 120000Ton

    Annual output 120000 tons

  • $ 20 million

    Factory & production equipment investment

  • 11 Lines

    10 full auto production lines

Advantages of JRace production base
  • The DCS centralized control system from HollySys is connected through thousands of cables and production lines to monitor and adjust the entire production line. The system can automatically analyze the data transmitted from the production line through the computer, and generate data reports and production line live diagrams that can be read by the monitoring personnel, so that the control personnel can judge the production situation and optimize the production environment and process. It can store the data of each production, so that each batch is well documented.
  • Through this system, the entire production process can be truly automated, which can realize the mixed transportation of multiple powders in the pipeline at the same time as the efficient storage of powders. The system can tow and store 30T powder within one hour. Moreover, the liquid storage and conveying system consists of a pipeline and a storage tank area. The tank area has 15 liquid storage tanks, with a total storage capacity of nearly 1,500 cubic meters of raw materials. The tank-type connection with the production workshop can ensure the cleanliness of the workshop and reduce the possibility of secondary pollution caused by the use of old iron drums.
  • All JRace production workshops adopt fully automated production lines for production. The entire set of equipment is fully enclosed from raw material feeding, mixing and stirring, reaction control, and discharging to avoid contamination of the external environment and influence the reaction. It is one of the important reasons for the stable and high quality of our products.
  • Set up a professional raw material and finished product storage warehouse, all equipped with a complete high-power fresh air and spray system. In particular, the Class A warehouses are in line with the highest requirements of the explosion-proof warehouses of China’s chemical companies. They have a complete foam spray system and large ventilation and exhaust equipment. The fire-resistant sand pool and fire-fighting pool are optimally prepared for accident prevention. At the same time, the warehouse is also equipped with a cooling pool to keep the warehouse temperature constant and ensure that the product quality is not affected by external factors.