How to choose the primer glue for foundation sealing?

Date Time:2020-06-10

Now many people are more concerned about the environmental performance of sports flooring, and have great requirements for buffer layer materials, surface materials, and even marking paint. In particular, the buffer layer, a variety of standards, the use of solvents have received great attention and requirements. However, it is found that the primer is indeed a part that many people ignore. Although it is said that the primer is not included in the acceptance scope in the new national standard, many poor quality primers will affect the TVOC value of other layers in the field test because of too many harmful substances.

  the selection of primer glue for foundation sealing needs to be made from the following aspects:

1. Green environmental protection: the glue used for laying rubber runway should be environment-friendly, non-toxic and renewable resources;

Super thin: the glue used for laying rubber runway weighs about 2-3kg per square meter, which is less than 10% of ordinary ground materials;

Super wear resistance: the wear resistance coefficient of glue used for laying rubber runway should be high, and the normal service life should reach 6-10 years;

4. High elasticity and strong impact resistance: the glue used for laying rubber runway should make the runway have excellent cushioning performance and recovery performance, because these excellent characteristics can effectively reduce the ground damage to the human body, so as to better protect the sports personnel;

Super skid resistance: the glue used for laying rubber runway should have special skid resistance, and it can also have more skid resistance after rain;

   6. Fire resistance and flame retardancy: the glue used for laying rubber runway can be self extinguished and flame retardant without toxic and harmful substances;

Waterproof and moisture-proof: because glue is used for laying rubber runway, its waterproof and moisture-proof performance should be excellent.

   through the above introduction, we can know what kind of glue is good for the foundation primer. It mainly depends on whether the glue used has a good effect on the laying of the runway and whether it can meet people's requirements for the use of the runway.