What is the official price of water-based runway?

Date Time:2020-06-12

Generally speaking, the less chemicals added to a product, the less harmful it is. Water is the root of almost all products. Therefore, the water-based proportion of general products is about large. The safety of water-based products will be relatively high. This principle is particularly obvious in the production of sports flooring products, Therefore, the manufacturers of sports flooring are constantly pursuing the R & D and production of aquatic products. Guangzhou Jierui launched this CS carbon structure water-based runway after years of research and test. What is the wholesale price of this water-based runway? If you want to know the answer to this question, you need to know how to identify the real water runway.

   with the launch of water-based runways, many small enterprises or workshops have also launched their water-based runways. Friends who have known about water-based runways will know that the production and research and development of this kind of runways can not be done casually, so it is difficult for some small enterprises or workshops to produce real water-based runways, At this time, how to know whether the wholesale price of water-based runway is reasonable when purchasing products, we need to know the characteristics of the real water-based runway in advance to help identify the true and false.

   a real water-based runway should have the following characteristics: first, the water-based runway must have high-end water quality, which is the most basic and important characteristic, and also the key to ensure the green and environmental protection of products; Then, the water-based runway should have the characteristics of pure taste and non-toxic, so that it is not harmful to human health, so the water-based runway materials will not have pungent and toxic smell, rather than the real water-based runway, we will have a great smell of chemical additives as soon as we smell it, so this is the best key factor to judge whether it is a real water-based runway; Secondly, whether the material of water-based runway has the characteristics of personal softness. The design of real water-based runway is protecting the athletes from injury; Finally, there is the problem of the cleaning of water-based runway materials. If the real water-based runway is not polluted, it can only be cleaned with clean water.

Therefore, if you want to know the wholesale price of water-based runways, you must understand the characteristics of real water-based runways.