Company Profile

Guangdong JRace New Material Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in sports flooring materials such as SPU, PU athletic tracks, acrylic, EPDM granule, TPE granule and other materials. JRace has its one-stop service system(R&D center—Production-Sales—Installation). It is a national high-tech enterprise and also the drafting unit of the "National Ministry of Education Mandatory New National Standard". JRace has a sophisticated R&D team with over 10 million equipment. It has obtained more than 20 R&D breakthroughs, dozens of domestic and foreign honor. JRace has a fully automated production base -Guangdong JRace New Materials Co., Ltd, which has introduced international high-end equipment, dust-free and eco-friendly production, with an annual production capacity of up to 50,000 tons. At present, JRace products have been sold on six continents in the world, including Asia, Europe, Africa, and the United States.

Growth process
  • 2020 Participate in the compilation of "School Synthetic Material Sports Field Manual" 
    The 78th National Education Equipment Exhibition
    The 38th China International Sporting Goods Fair
  • 2019 All series of running track products passed IAAF certification
    The 76th National Educational Equipment Exhibition
    The 37th China International Sporting Goods Fair
  • 2018 One of the drafting units of the new national standard GB 36246-2018 of the Ministry of Education.
    Shanghai Sports Expo & India International Sports Show.
  • 2017 30000㎡ large-scale fully automated production base was officially put into operation.
    Shanghai Sports Expo, China Education Equipment Exhibition, Singapore Building Materials Exhibition.
  • 2016 R&D Center won a special subsidy of RMB 1 million.
    Obtained the official recommendation certificate of Tanzania and “Green Grass”Silicon PU was awarded the honor of Guangdong Famous Brand Product.
    Acceptance of the project of Hebei Yanshan University, the largest SPU sport court in Asia.
  • 2015 The foundation of a large-scale fully automated production base was officially laid.
    "Green Grass" silicon PU has passed the national high-tech product certification again.
    JRace joined the China Sporting Goods Association.
    Become a member of China Building Materials Circulation Association.
  • 2014 "One-component silicon modified runway surface layer" turned out.
    The PU track obtained IAAF product certification.
    Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.
    Moved to a new office of 1000 ㎡
  • 2013 Silicon PU and PU track products were successively recognized as provincial high-tech products. 
    The sales exceeded 1 billion RMB.
    Prepare to build a production base of nearly 30,000㎡.
  • 2012 Evaluated as "Private Technology Enterprise in Guangdong Province" & "Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise".
    Silicon PU and PU track have passed the China Environmental Labeling (Type I) certification and are included in the government procurement list of environmental labeling products.
  • 2011 Independently synthesized the acrylic core raw material--acrylic emulsion. JRace three major products have passed China Environmental Labeling (Type II) certification.
  • 2010 Passed ITF (International Tennis Federation) 3-speed certification (silicon PU).
  • 2009 Successfully developed one-component silicone PU, breaking through the silicone PU water-based environmentally friendly topcoat. And applied for a national invention patent (approved).
  • 2008 JRace R&D Laboratory signed an R&D strategic agreement with Guangdong University of Technology and became its designated off-campus practice base.
  • On April 29, 2007, Guangzhou JRace Athletic Facilities Co., Ltd. was registered and established with 5 million RMB capital. Mainly engaged in polyurethane running track, Silicon PU sport courts, and acrylic materials.
  • 1996 The former production base of Guangzhou Guangti Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. laid the foundation.