R&D Testing Center
The Testing and R&D center is mainly responsible for strict testing of incoming raw materials and finished product and undertakes research and development functions. It is the heart of our production base.
The Quality Inspection Center is the organization directly responsible for the quality of our products. Our company adheres to the concept of quality first, strictly controls quality, strictly inspects and controls incoming materials, production processes also the finished products. Each batch of products can only be admitted to the warehouse after passing multiple tests and confirming that they are qualified. The main analytical instruments include gas chromatograph, automatic potentiometric titrator, moisture titrator, shock absorption vertical deformation tester and other testing equipment.
The R&D center is composed of several industry research leaders, led by a Ph.D. & master group, and has reached a strategic alliance with universities. The laboratory is equipped with electron microscopes and bench-top ROHS detectors and other instruments. Implementation of the project more than 20, 7 major items of national patent applications, especially, the self-developed silicon PU and polyurethane series products have been identified as national patent products and national high-tech products. In 2014, JRace was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, and in 2016 it was awarded as a famous brand product in Guangdong Province. The successful improvement of the CS carbon-structured water-based running track materials in 2017, the non-solvation products and TPE thermoplastic particles put on the market in 2018. Moreover , becoming one of the drafting units of the new national standard GB36246-2018. All of these represent that R&D Center acts as a booster to make JRace as a very powerful sports floor material application problem solver.

Scientific research results

JRace scientific research team has made continuous achievements in the past 11 years: 1)localization of acrylic emulsion, 2) breakthrough of silicon PU reversible crystal structure, 3) delay of yellowing of polyurethane, 4) modification of water-based resin materials, 5) The combination of cross-linked two-component materials and etc. Based on the outstanding performance of the R&D center, our company has received 2 million government innovation funds and 5 million special support funds for many years. And it has been awarded as a national high-tech enterprise for 7 consecutive years.