Why are water-based runways used on safe ground?

Date Time:2020-06-15

An important aspect of water-based runway materials is its water-based performance. This advantage is also an important manifestation of the difference between water-based runway materials and traditional polyurethane plastic runway materials. The production of water-based runway materials uses high-end environmental friendly water-based products. When laying water-based runway materials, it only needs water as catalyst, No matter in or after laying, the water-based runway will not have irritating and toxic smell, so the water-based runway material is a kind of water-based environmental protection material, and it is also a popular runway material.

   we all know that the traditional plastic runway is also called polyurethane plastic runway. The traditional polyurethane plastic runway is mainly composed of polyurethane prepolymer, mixed polyether, additives, rubber particles and pigments; Although the polyurethane plastic track has good flatness, appropriate hardness and elasticity, which is also conducive to the athletes' speed and technology, the shortcoming is that the polyurethane plastic track material contains toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and other ingredients that are harmful to human health, Therefore, polyurethane plastic runway is a kind of plastic runway which will release highly toxic gases.

   compared with the traditional polyurethane plastic runway, the water-based runway material has a very high quality change compared with the traditional runway in terms of production, materials, construction, maintenance and protection of sports personnel. The production of water-based runway materials uses high-end environmental protection water-based products, and the production uses automatic central control production and dust-free workshop production; During the construction period, students' normal learning and activities will not be delayed, and no organic solvents need to be added during the construction without any pungent smell and toxic smell; What's more, the soft and skin friendly surface layer of the water-based runway can provide intimate protection for athletes' accidental falls. The absorption of blue light and diffuse reflection of the surface layer can reduce glare and maintain eyes; Later maintenance in use because the surface is dry and not easy to produce electrostatic adsorption, and can be done with water.

   through the above explanation, I believe you should also understand the reason why water-based runway materials are becoming more and more popular.