SPUR running track

SPUR is Semi-Prefabricated PUR, which means "semi-prefabricated foamed polyurethane material", where PUR is the standard abbreviation of the official certification of the IAAF for polyurethane foam materials. JRace SPUR semi-prefabricated floor products use a combination of prefabricated buffer cushion and cast-in-place surface layer. It has the advantage of uniform prefabrication performance and the characteristics of cast-in-place seamless and durable.It is a 1+1>2 product. JRace semi-prefabricated runway is strengthened by innovative reinforcement layers, which makes the nail resistance and physical performance of the runway reach a new height. It has the characteristics of uniform foot feeling, fair competition and comfortable rebound of the prefabricated runway. It also has the advantages of cast-in-place flawless surface and multi-color options.


Seamless, flawless surface

After the traditional prefabricated materials are laid, it is inevitable that certain joints will appear, especially the corners of the runway products and the three-second zone where the stadium products are frequently under pressure. The cracking and arching problems of the joints affect the overall appearance. JRace semi-prefabricated type adopts the method of surface layer cast-in-place, and the unique surface layer formula can be closely bonded with the prefabricated cushion to form an integrated structure, which is flawless and beautiful.


Curved straight lay

For the prefabricated runway, manpower is required to stretch the coil to form a curved arc, and the coil will produce a certain physical deformation, which is easy to cause the problem of seam arching in the later stage. JRace semi-prefabricated runway can realize straight laying of curves and effectively solve the problem of arching in curves.


4 times anti-stretch


Easy to construct and refurbish

1. Short construction period

The construction period is shorter than traditional materials, and is less affected by the weather

2. Convenient construction

Simple and convenient construction, no need for large equipment

3. Don't worry about wind and rain

The original integrated reinforcement layer can effectively block rainwater

4. Easy to refurbish

The surface layer is easy to refurbish, just grind the surface and re-coat the surface layer. Solve the problem that traditional prefabricated models cannot be refurbished and color-changed.

Classic SPUR

JRace's classic semi-prefabricated product C series can pass the strict physical and chemical indicators of the new national standard of the Ministry of Education, and the prefabricated cushion layer and cast-in-place surface layer can achieve complete and uniform appearance and performance of the product. Compared with products of the same price in the market, it has a strong competitive advantage in sports performance, laying, use and maintenance.

Good performance as follows

Stable and uniform performance

Straight lay on the curve to avoid warping

Surface Quick Repair Replacement

Similar products are cost-effective

Strengthened SPUR

JRace reinforced semi-prefabricated product S series is further added with strong and tough reinforcement material on the basis of the classic type, which improves the nail penetration resistance, weather resistance and tensile strength of the surface layer. Through innovation, this product surpasses physical properties and environmental adaptability.

Good performance as follows

Super strong anti-nail weather resistance

Great increase in tensile strength

Universal training ground

Easy construction, no worry about rain

Tables of cast-in-place and prefab


Our advantages

 1.  Full-automated production line  2. Strict quality inspection process   3. IAAF certificates for all series tracks  4. ITF-3 certificates for SPU

SPUR running track

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