Prefabricated running track

JRace prefabricated running track is divided into "Teng" series and "Heng" series, the "Teng" series with high elasticity and strong buffer performance,

 the "Heng" series with long lasting by using EPDM. Both of them can meet the site needs of customers in multiple dimensions, 

and is a new type of running track flooring product with excellent cost performance. 

It can effectively solve below three major difficulties of traditional prefabricated running track.


 High elasticity - “Teng” series

"Teng" series through the bottom airtight airbag structure, solid all-plastic surface layer, exclusive adhesive and many other technologies make the impact absorption, rebound deformation, tensile resistance, elongation at break, etc. have reached the first-class level in the market. The "Teng" series of prefabricated runways are free to gallop and liberate nature.



  • Air-cushion design, giving you the speed to take off

  • High elasticity, slow down the bottom layer, slow down sports injuries

  • High-quality raw materials, fully automated production

  • Exclusive adhesive for stronger bonding

    Durable - "Heng" series

Durable-prefabricated running track, as JRace’s special prefabricated products, have achieved an excellent improvement in weather resistance and aging resistance through formula upgrades. Double-layer integrated structure, surface layer pure rubber formula, high elasticity, wear resistance, nail resistance, hardening deformation resistance. The laboratory value reaches the standard of 15 years of use.

"Heng" series of prefabricated running track, perseverance, increase endurance.


  • Breaking through the industry's time limit, the weather resistance lasts for 15 years

  • Exclusive adhesive for firm bonding

  • Reshape the underlying structure, comfortable and elastic bottom

  • Cosmetic grade additives, green, healthy and environmentally friendly



Our advantages

        1.  Full-automated production line  2. Strict quality inspection process   3. IAAF certificates for all series tracks  4. ITF-3 certificates for SPU             

Prefabricated running track

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