Acrylic Court

“Repus” Acrylic is kind of one-component water-based paint,which is colorful,strong adhesion and environmentally friendly.

It has excellent mechanical properties, abrasion resistance and lasting vivid colors,gives an comfortable foot feeling to athlete and excellent ball 

rebound velocity function. Because it’s affordable price and excellent sport court flooring,”Repus is regarded as the most economical, recreational 

and professional tennis courts,basketball court flooring.


Product specifications

A full set of materials according the proportion into the barrel to facilitate the construction


Construction Process

20 years experience of senior engineers, whole-heartedly provide installation technology and services worldwide


1. Experienced engineer for over 20 years

Our engineering department has a group of senior engineers with more than 20 years of experience and a professional 

construction team, which can provide high-quality and professional construction guidance, equipment purchase, 

product construction teaching, and base layer evaluation, etc.

2. Professional real-time construction guidance

If there is a construction problem, we will respond within 24 hours to help you find the key to the problem to 

avoid working time delays, and ensure the smooth progress of the project.

3.Project base layer evaluation

According to customer requirements, we can evaluate the foundation of the project to determine whether construction can be 

carried out on this basis, and if there is a problem, how to further strengthen the foundation and adapt to the construction.

Our advantages

1.  Full-automated production line   2. Strict quality inspection process   3. IAAF certificates for all series tracks   4. ITF-3 certificates for SPU

Independent intellectual property rights, good quality and low price

One-component water-based material with long lasting color

Add special fiber material, wear-resistant and weather-resistant

Got China Environmental Labeling Certification, green and environmentally friendly

Project cases