Advanced! Jierui marketing, service experience upgrade!

Date Time:2021-06-25

Jierui Sports

New marketing headquarters

More than 600 square meters of self owned office

Core CBD / creative exhibition hall / marketing service


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Sports flooring products build a safe and healthy sports carrier, and record the sweat and sports development of countless athletes in the past century.

"Build reliable products based on product quality, service, production, R & D and quality inspection". As an "industry benchmark manufacturer", Jierui sports insists on innovation to create a comfortable, safe and healthy sports environment. Since its establishment in 2007, it has been continuously deepening the field of land and materials.

In 2020, Jierui will purchase the office area of Guangzhou CBD core area and build a new marketing headquarters, which will open a new chapter in sales, after-sales, product supporting services and other fields.


Function area


Characteristic high tech multi function exhibition hall


In this iteration of marketing, a special upgrade has been made for customer visits and business negotiations.

The AR enhanced picture display screen is used to integrate multiple information into one. Without touching and flicking the gesture, all kinds of information can be sent out on the screen. This will become a "window" for customers to understand jerui.
The multimedia system in the exhibition hall enables customers to get the chronicles of jerui sports in time; Product introduction of all kinds of detailed sample section drawings; Or classic projects all over the country. You can also learn about the new brand 1 of jerui sports and the project planning, so as to provide convenient negotiation and cooperation pilot operation for customers.

The exhibition hall also includes honor wall, sample display and project display wall

Through the cooperation of three screens and sample blocks, customers can more intuitively understand the actual performance of the product and the site laying situation.

The multi color mobile sample panel is eye-catching, which fully reflects the characteristics of our products, such as multi-color selection, high combination of surface layer and color paste, gorgeous color retention.

                              Multi function conference room


The multi-functional conference room with the concept of "cloud conference" can not only carry business negotiation and cooperation meetings, but also directly link with our production base and watch the current situation of our production base in real time. It also links up with all provinces and cities in the whole country to carry out video conference.

It is also convenient for customers and friends to connect to the headquarters for high-quality remote video business negotiation and cooperation.

Marketing service area

Our new marketing headquarters, according to the modular design, will be a number of functional departments for a reasonable division of the block.

The perfect OA system and ERP system make the internal work of each functional department and the collaborative work between multiple departments run smoothly. Customer service response speed.


The new marketing headquarters will provide professional services for visiting customers and order customers with brand new appearance, high-quality service, fast operation and professional display.

At the same time, we will also hold a warm and sincere attitude, welcome all Party A's friends and customers to our new marketing; have a look; Drink tea.





Jerry, it's never been more than this~

Looking back on the past 14 years, Jierui development, from the president to the staff, worked hard, worked together, worked hard in the waves and climbed in the hurricane. Standing in the CBD of Zhujiang New Town, we look forward to the future.


We always promise to provide better service for 280 + cities and 48000000 M2 sports ground around the world with quality as the center.


We want more. The strong are always strong because of hard work. The weak are rising because of hard work. Jierui never stops at this moment!