With it, all the friends of the Industrial Park came to play with jerui

Date Time:2021-06-14

The age of face

It has to be said that this is an era of looking at faces. From the beautiful men and women in the major talent shows to the colorful modern cities, human beings are always searching for beautiful things.

It's one of human nature to see beautiful things, to be clear and cool, and to have an appreciative eye. Especially if the daily dull things suddenly change. That's eye-catching.

What's the experience of changing an ordinary runway into a fashion show?


In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of silicon Pu stadium materials and the continuous development of mass sports, sports flooring products not only begin to appear in schools and professional sports stadiums. But gradually appear in the community, appear in the park, even the business of basketball, badminton and other public leisure fitness venues.

Personality, culture, street, show. It has become the motto of young people. In this way, a venue that can carry their culture, fit for hair circle and show their true self has become everyone's favorite~


This year, Jierui Qingyuan production base updated the base stadium, using a variety of colors, expressionism style under the big color block rendering, creating a more eye-catching, more cutting-edge matching style.

This can only be attributed to the excellent properties of jerui green grass solvent-free silicon PU material

Jierui green grass silicon Pu stadium materials, through the two-component self crosslinking technology to achieve a breakthrough in chemical properties, and optimize the release of TVOC. It greatly reduces the generation of VOC. For o-benzene, short chain chlorinated paraffin, MOCA and so on, it can also meet the requirements of the new national standard


The topcoat with water-based system can be better combined and blended with the color paste. Compared with the traditional oil-based system, the color needs to be blended in the reactor. Water based system can be more convenient to produce multi-color optional products. More than ten kinds of optional colors and special colors can be customized to realize the personalized match of the stadium.