How to reform the material of basketball court in school

Date Time:2021-07-01

In recent years, with the growing strength of Jierui sports company, the upgrading speed of its products is faster and faster, which makes it more diversified and innovative development, and helps Jierui sports obtain the unanimous recognition of the industry. Many enterprises in urgent need of silicon Pu stadium transformation look for Jierui sports, hoping to help their own stadium upgrade.

The common problems in the transformation of basketball court are as follows

Orange peel solution: many customers ask Jierui sports why there are orange peel in their own stadium. In fact, the reason is that the stadium is too thick and the temperature is too low. The solution * is simple. First polish and then scrape the adhesive layer material.

Blackening: there are three main reasons. First, the asphalt is too bright, so there is oil return. In the case of compound or mixed type, the oil content of black particles is too high, so the oil will return. Three are after wear and tear appeared fade.

Primer did not seal all the foundation: if this happens, there are three ways to solve. One is that if it is found that the cement foundation label is not enough during the construction, a certain proportion of elastic layer material can be added into the primer. The other is that if the elastic layer material has been prepared, but pinholes are found, then the dry adhesive layer material can be scraped on the elastic layer with tools. Third, if the stable layer has been prepared, but pinholes are found, then dry ones can be used, especially quartz sand, and tools can be used to seal them.

Bubble condition: first check, after cutting the bubble, it is found that it is wet, then it means that the primer did not seal the base layer well. If the primer is dry, it means that the construction is too thick or the temperature is too high.

In addition to the above, there will be more problems in the transformation of the basketball court. We can directly consult the customer service of Jierui sports.