I'm surprised| A county has nearly 100000 square meters of dry land. How can it be done?

Date Time:2021-04-23

NAN chang XIAN

Nanchang County

Millennium old county

The grass and trees grow, and the wind spreads the message of flowers

It's March and spring

It's amazing to hear about a sale. It's going to take a year or a month

It has achieved nearly 100000 square meters of runway performance

There is a feeling that the city is full of golden armor

Shocked little friends on the spot for "a whole year"

We rushed up in a hurry

Stroll and record the jerui project in Chunguang

Shuttle on the avenue

Driving the same dusty old car

Grasp a bunch of wind, is the whole spring


With China's one country policy transferred from urban to rural areas

Building a new socialist countryside

New infrastructure of sports and health

And other favorable policies continue to emerge

Township sports venues began to flourish

In the past year

Jierui actively responds to the call of guo1

Cooperate with builders to go deep into township areas

Join in the tide of new rural construction

Many projects in Nanchang County

That's where it comes from


Complete middle school with equal emphasis on junior high school and senior high school

Jiangxi heavy 1 point middle school, outstanding strength

Liantang No.2 Middle School


One stop is Liantang No.2 Middle School, which is a middle school with 5277 students from junior high school and senior high school. As a heavy 1 point middle school, the playground should be domineering. The comfortable sports experience makes the teachers and students of No.2 Middle School more willing to exercise in their spare time.



A safe track for children

Separated from paddy field, green and environmental protection

Tangnan No.2 primary school


Tangnan No.2 primary school is our second stop. It's a beautiful school, just a wall away from the paddy field. In addition to the construction, the requirements for the runway have been raised to a higher level. Green environmental protection is a must. At the same time, blistering and delamination should be avoided. High elastic type, watching children chase and play on it. Suddenly, I feel that it is a great responsibility to supply high-quality runways.



All plastic and high elastic to protect students' sports safety

Be able to use one foot in middle school sports

Jiangxiang No.2 Middle School


The third stop is Jiangxiang No.2 Middle School. What impresses us deeply is that during the shooting, many young students played on it. Until the end of the break, they all went back to class, so we had a chance to take pictures.



And green rice fields

Charming campus under the construction of New Countryside

Nanxin middle school


The fourth stop is also located in the school in the paddy field, Nanxin middle school. As a granary in the south of the Yangtze River and a land of fish and rice, Nanchang county is one of the most important grain bases in China. With the continuous follow-up and implementation of the national policy, we are very happy to be able to go deep into the township areas, contribute the strength of talents for township schools and public sports fields, and satisfy the happiness of products being needed.



Children's playground during recess

No smell, good foot feeling, everyone said

Nanchuan primary school


The fifth stop is Nanchuan primary school in Nanxin Township, which is located in the residential area. It is a place for the children to go to school in this residential area, so that the normal life of the residents in the surrounding residential areas and the daily education of the students will not be affected when the distance is so close.



400m standard runway

Adapt to the way of physical exercise in middle school

Liantang No.5 Middle School


When we woke up the next day, we saw Liantang No.5 Middle School, where we also had interaction with the children. Looking at the excited faces of the children when facing the UAV and the happy steps when chasing the UAV, we felt once again that as a material supplier of supporting facilities for township schools, it is important to pay close attention to product quality, improve product performance and respond to the call of a national school.



All round adaptation to the new national standard of education and education

Large side field, give children a full face care

Zhenxing Road Primary School


The seventh stop is Zhenxing Road Primary School. As a new sports ground, I never thought that every sports ground is already overcrowded. There are PE classes, noisy boys, and girls dancing or whispering together. Compared with previous urban schools, I always feel that the children here are more energetic and lively. All plastic, high elastic, really lively.



TPU particles for comfort

All plastic structure, nail resistance and wear resistance

Wuyang middle school


The eighth stop is Wuyang middle school. After a long stone road, Liu yinhuaming saw him and saw the boys sprinting on the 100 meter straight road. We are ready to move. The all plastic high elastic runway uses TPU particles to add buffer layer, which can achieve stronger rebound and more reliable support.



Reflect each other with the teaching building

Prevent falling and stop falling, excellent sports experience

Guangfu No.1 Middle School


The ninth stop is Guangfu No.1 middle school. Here, we feel the power of the new infrastructure tide. From the road to the village to the construction of the facilities around the school, we can deeply feel an atmosphere, which makes us feel a lot. As the saying goes, "walking thousands of miles, reading thousands of books" this time, we can feel the power and opportunity contained in it. It's good news.



The number of nine is limited by the limited space

That's our journey. Press fast forward

Next step






Nanchang County as a millennium old county

As one of the most important grain production bases in Jiangnan

Combine ancient simplicity with modern, combine seeder

Mechanization of agricultural mode, let us understand

Changes of times and new prosperity~

When the green paddy fields, there are red runways

As a group of new builders, they thrive here

Under the new rural construction and new infrastructure policy

Township sports ground showing a trend of rapid development

An undercurrent is surging in the heart

"I" build runway in qianniangu County~

It's a connection between the old and the new

It is the cornerstone of taking off for one year

It is the sports dream of 43112 towns